It didn’t really matter,

did it?

Nothing I did,

nothing I said

was going to turn the tide

of your destruction.

So beautiful,

and yet,

so volatile.


You were amazing

in every way;

you know that, right?

From head to toe,

as close akin to perfect

as God ever let leave Heaven.


but so engaging;

beauty only matched your mind,

that was not long


this world.


I never said any of this to you,

but such is the way of this world.

A harsh and fickle master,

never bending,

but expecting us all

to know the course of things to come.


I could never imagine life without you.

More unimaginable still,

that Heaven wrought condition

you wore,

like a little black dress

in a battlefield;



Nothing in this world survives,


not even perfect things;

especially perfect things.

This world is home

to a ravenous hunger

that devours anything

that even remotely speaks

of Heaven.


Gone are the reminders

of a greater Grace.

Gone are those wide smiles

and uncompromising,

yet vibrant eyes.

They beheld the world

from a higher place

that saw the light

and the dark

and the good

and the bad

at once.


Now off to chase a lover across the stars.

No gravity could hold

the astronaut.

The celestial star chaser;


never meant

for the dust ball,

or the marriage bed.


Nothing I did could change it.

Nothing I said would matter,

a course charted by Heavenly hands

is unfathomable

to the earthbound heart.

You were amazing

in every way;

you know that, right?


HG – 2017

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