In between

the lines,

is what they really

think of you.

Their smiles

are all teeth,

all the better

to devour



It’s something

in between

their eyes

and their hands outstretched

that makes you scream out

that they are no friends.


I’d rather

trust the storm

of infinity

than be so deceived

and lost

in the in between.

It’s only


little thing

that they kill you with.

It’s all over

before it begins.



I’ll find a way

on my own.


I’ll find my place

in this great unknown.

I’m alive,

I can claim,

as far as I know

I am here,

so why don’t I feel



Consciousness is a river,

an expanding, flowing,

loss of inhibition,

gaining as it reaches the ocean.

There is no restraining

once it’s been


so invigorated,

so eviscerated.

Open and empty

and alive,

in this single moment.


Forget the past,

let come what may.

I see the light

in your eyes.

I think you’re going

to be fine.


HG -2017

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