Everyone’s Afraid


one knows

the way

to the other side,

but they


they know the place

and the time

that makes

the pain

go away.

If it’s safe,

they’ll tell you

that they don’t

really know.

Everyone’s afraid

the same.



is a gift

left reserved

for the dislocated.

Time is the door

and the key

has been locked away


your eyes

lies the way,

cry and evocate.

There is no rain

without cold air

from far away.


Just the act of letting go

of all of those

little things,

means more

than all the words

that don’t

mean anything.



is a knife

and a smile

and an invitation

to find


what you’re really made



is above,

future below.


Air we breathe

come from

somewhere else,

somewhere far away.

No one knows

what you

live with everyday.

Every breath

is your own,

every thought the same.

Isn’t it strange

how we hope

we have found a way?


is exposed

through our pain

and all those

long gone yesterdays.


I have a smile

for you,

because I know

you’re dealing

the only way you


you’re not insane,

only temporary.

We’ll find out


that’s guaranteed.

That’s guaranteed.

You know the way.


HG -2017

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