Listening to Angels

Listen to the rhythms

of a world gone slow,

breathing temp

seductive in the ebb and flow.

There are expressions

on our faces

as we sleep;

revealing our dreams,

our need to be

comforted by something,

any little thing.

Be it the arms wrapped around us,

or that voice in our ear

telling us that we are loved

and that what we does


because we are all trapped

between indifferent days

and hostile nights.


You can hear it beating;

the heart of our world.

Overlooked collective,


but only whole together.

It’s the question of our age;

do we walk into the great unknown


or do we go alone?


There will always be

a moment

of cautious hesitation,

before we take each other’s hand

and step off into the black;

that gap that lies between

where we are and where we need to be.

Every possibility

is possible.

No obstacle

too great.

Once we relate on another level

and beat the devil at this game.


It’s been said;

“It’s a wonderful world”

and sometimes,

I’m inclined to agree,

the music and the synergy,

beauty in symmetry

delights the eyes.


The sunlight will drive away

the dark of the night

and we don’t have to be alone

when we stand and fight.


Listen to the rhythms of the world,

hear them long enough

and you’ll hear that it’s accompanied

by the most beautiful harmonies;

like choruses sung

by everyone.

It’s like listening to angels.


HG – 2017

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