You Asked Me To Share…

Whisper your secrets to me.

Come down in the deep here with me.

Clearly we will see what we see.

Never another will be,

closer than we,

under the sky and the sea.

Tell me your deepest regret,

tell me your sorrow,

tell me what you would forget.

Tell me why you’re so upset;

I’ll show you how bad it can get.


Give me your weakness and doubt.

I’ll help you let it all out.

I’m just a twitch in the nerve,

I’ll get you what you deserve.

A little disturbed,

it’s just a puzzle of words,

lost in a promise

that you convinced yourself you heard.

Maybe the truth is a lie.

maybe your fears weren’t denied,

maybe they’re right.

Maybe they’ll save you tonight.


I’m just another noise,

another voice in your head,

another choice that you dread,

another distasteful event.

No need to drown me out now,

I’m not really here anyhow.


Am I you?

Are you me?

Are we still here to be?

Is this all just a dream?

I’m here to help you believe,

at least that’s how it seems,

in between laughter and screams.


HG – 2017

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