Subcutaneous Love Affair

Deny me.

Deny my everything.

It’s what you need to live,

what you believe will give

you what you need;

an opportunity to breathe,

but you’re drowning in the deep.


Look away from me.

Two steps away

and you’ll agree;

the grass is greener.

You’re a big believer.

Now, another two or three

and I can see

you’re fighting

not to turn and look at me.


Your great escape

was just

thirteen steps;

you maybe made it six,

before you needed a fix

and now you’re in between


and an impossibility.


I heard your breath catch

in your throat,

every time I

wrapped my arms around you.

So deep inside you,

you could cope

and I’d sing you to sleep,

while killing you softly.

And now there’s that fear

in your eyes

and the air is sharp

against your skin,

and you wish your heart

would skip a beat

as you beg

for me



But you’ve moved another

step away

and I can’t get to you

on my own.

You’re going to have to

come back to me;

if you love me,

you’ll take me home.


But you’re a sick little betrayal.

I know the lies that made you.

You know I’ve hated you

this whole time.

That’s why your friends left you

and your family hurts you,

but I’ll never desert you;

you are mine.


All you long for

and all you’ve ever wanted,

is to feel me in you;


then you stop resisting.

You’re a perfect angel.

I won’t let them take you

without dying.




your taking

another step

away from me.

Then another;

they’re coming faster, now.

You’re running into

some future after our,

beautiful love,

you deny,

deny me,

my everything;

running away from me.


I bet you think you’re free now,

but I’ll be there with you;

waiting there,

waiting in your tissue.

So, run away,

run away.

You can’t hide from me,

but you can

run away,

run away.

This isn’t the first time

I have been denied,

so run away,

run away.

Run away,

run away.

I’ll be here when you change your mind.


HG – 2017

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