Breath of A Warning

It’s been amazing,

a real, good time

to set aside differences

and talk as equals.

Now, I’m not ashamed

of who I am

and what I’ve done,

because I’ve let it go

and I’ve moved on.


But when I get up to leave

from our quiet reverie,

you’re grabbing my arm,

trying to pull my backwards.


Do don’t blame me

if I lash out

even a little bit,

because I’m done with this

passive aggressive



It just never ends.

What’s done is done

and gone

and nothing lingers,

except you,

my friend.


You’ve picked that wound

and kept it open

longer than you should;

even that healed

and now you’re feeling

maybe like you could

start a new kind of disaster,

’cause all you seem to know,

is moving from drama to drama

to fill your time alone.


Well, let me tell you one thing

and take this to heart;

don’t fuck with me,

or my friends,

or my family.


The past is gone,

let it go;

for the sake of your own

health and wellbeing.

Don’t think for a second,

that I won’t protect what’s mine,

if you cross that line.


Just because I’ve never been


by nature,

don’t think

that my kindness


past your failure

to cope with this life,

it’s changes

and struggles

and trials,

but this way lies more

of those painful denials.


It’s best not to fuck with me.

Time will heal all wounds,

unless you make new ones;

it’s just your cycle of abuse.

Move on from this one;

there’s nothing here for you



HG – 2017

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