Magnetic Liquid Metal

It’s magical,

the way the universe

draws you closer to me.

No distance can succeed

to separate us;

at least,

not for very long.


There was a spark,

a live connection,

that set our entities in tune.

A chord that struck a resonation

within our consciousness,

encompassing all of me,

all of you.


I could find you

in the darkness

and feel you lost upon the Earth.

I’m sure it’s you I feel beside me,

in my bed,

when I am hurt.

You have been with me in spirit;

awful lot more than I deserve.

I can’t remember

all the details

how I met you,

where we were,

but I know that it was fate,

that drew us both into the world.


I feel you’re there,

just like a shadow,

I lift my eyes

and I am sure.

I catch you in the field of my vision,

even though you’re just a blur.


So far

I guess

it’s been one hell of a strange

and somewhat insane



never tried to explain,

or dissect the details,

it just is

what it is.


Touch me

and I shatter,

come back together

like a magnetic liquid state.

We cover ground

over the sky

with our love

that never breaks.

You’re in a form

of a dream,

I’m travelling between this place

and the one where I’m awake.

But you’re there, too;

like your love is teleportation,

or omniscience.


What a weird universe

that would decide

that we would be together.


all the time,


and forever.


HG – 2017

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