A Thousand Miles an Hour

I quit

a long time ago,

stretching my legs

across the high places.


that unassuming mistress,

coaxed me down

from above the clouds

and held me down,

for a little while.


Never really knew I needed water,

that taproot split the soil

and I sipped,

all at once

from the fountain

in the middle

of creation.


Oh, I was a mess,

my mind strewn about the face of the world

like children’s toys;


and neglected.

She swept me up,

she brushed me off

and trimmed back

all my wild and unruly branches,

that I might be as pleasing to the eye

as she inexplicably found me.


Some might say,

that the roots are binding,

like a skillful web,

or satin knots cinched tightly,

but I still move through the stars

and across the sky;

for now I am one with the world

that moves through the universe

at a thousand miles an hour.


There are mysteries

within mysteries

and the cost of answers ,

mortality for the reckless.


the restraints are there

for safety reasons

and it is better to be the tree

than the crash test dummy.


Trust to seek up high,

and low,

for in the unknown lies

that one missing connection

to the other side,

where we can know the divine

and the truth is revealed;

that it’s better to go through the looking glass

than the windshield.


HG – 2017

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