Working Backwards

I am reverse engineering this life.

I know what I want,

I’m just trying to get there.

Piece by piece, I fit in,

with the illusion

of purposeful action.

Just stick to the scripture

and I will be fine.


Only the best of intentions

pave that shiny road

and down we go.

Constant over affection

just deadens the blow,

that one that takes me down.

I bet you didn’t see

that one coming

did you, now?


Flat on my back,

I don’t know how I got

so far off track.

Some temptress came

and pulled me off my cloud.

I thought I was a angel,

but like so much,

my holy was stolen;

like every word,

like all that is golden.

The choice is a lie,

you’re holding it open

to interpretation,

a quiet vacation,

from where we move on.


This is the problem

with working backwards.

Working the problem,

thinking I know

where it will end.

It never goes

where I want it;

like a window

to my madness,

to destruction.


now lies ahead.


So, I sit here,

with my false bravado,

trying to get there

by pretending I know what to do.

In an endless cycle

of trial and utter failure;

my only success was you.

So futile and so few.

Crawling from the grave,

to the cradle.

Soaring from the sky,

back to the ground.

I bet you never saw

this new beginning coming,

I’m coming back around.


Tongue tied

and fingers broken,

I’m gonna tell you how,


to get from here back to the clouds.


HG – 2017

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