You and The Infinite

Open the door,

that’s the first step

to let it in,

to let it out.


take one step

and then again;

you’re on your way

towards the end.


I have no way to entice you



and out of your mind.

I see you,

as if sitting in a prison;

eyes blind,

wrists tied.

And I know that you’re

exploding with questions

about where you’ll go

and what you’ll find.

The world allows a little indiscretion;

freedom is the starting line.


Once you’re outside,

there’s no going back in.

No amount of pleading,




gonna help you win.

You’re gonna suffer through the narrows,

your chances range from none to slim,

you’re gonna curse the sky above you,

but you won’t go back again.


There are no safe spaces,

the only refuge is prayer,

but only if you can admit

that you’re scared;

of that big wide open sky,

that wide open delight,

in the day

that becomes the empty heart

of the night.


Nothing between you

and the infinite,

but the unseen forces

holding your feet down tight.

Freedom’s a terrible thing,

but the lock on the door

is a coffin nail.

Into the great unknown

every ship does sail.



It is just the dreams

of mad men.


Close the door

and come back in.

It’s so safe and warm

here in the box,

with the ghosts.

Why would you want

to live


where anything can happen?


Safe and sound,

breaking down.

I hear and knock at the door,


I hear a knock at the door,


Who would be out at this hour?


HG – 2017

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