Rise and Shine


Rise and shine.

Wipe the sleep out of your eyes.

Look at me and smile;

we’re going to be fine.


I know that there’s

a lot of weight waiting

and a whole lot of blame

for taking.

Just the other side of that door,

is a game that’s not worth playing.


There’s a subtle distraction,

dangerous attraction,

a tempting delight to indulge.

Certain destruction,

that follows us up in the sky,

then drags us down into the mud.


Liars and insincere sycophants

always abound.

It gets harder and harder to tell

the good from the bad,

the mad from the sound,

but that’s all outside

that bedroom door

and here,

bathed in morning’s light;

it’s gonna be alright.


I love your beautiful eyes.

I love the way you smile.

That little laugh,

when I kiss you

in that place that drives you wild.


There’s no energy here

other than ours.

I wish it would last for hours

and hours.


We know that there’s a world

beyond these walls,

that’s gonna try

to tear us apart.

Every beating heart,

a sadness yet to know.

Violent ends

of every wicked generation,

that would obliterate us.


Well will be there

and we will fight,

later tonight.

But for now,

I will hold you tight

and feel your skin on mine

and watch your eyes shine

in the morning’s light.


HG – 2017

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