I see you.

You’re in the light

of a new day’s




and your face is calm,

eyes looking far off;

holding your arms

out wide,

like you’re gonna fly.


That is some amazing faith.

I never thought I’d see the day,

that you’d put all your cares away

and try to touch the sky.

Heaven knows you fought a war;

had so much worth fighting for.

Everything happens

for a reason,

so they say;

they don’t explain the pain away,

they just let it go.


So I’m watching you

let it go.

One more step,

away you go;

off into infinity.


Life can sometimes seem

like a bad dream,

coming apart

at the important seams.


Those we need the most,

might have to go

and we have no say;

we have no way to know,

what God is doing, too,

what we are going through;

is the doorway to a place,

another time and space,

another world we’ll know,

if we could just let go.


Another day it dawns,

I see the sunlight on

your face,

you’re set to go,

finally broke your hold

on what would keep you down,

I see you in the clouds.

Free of this world we know;

so glad you let it go.


HG – 2017

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