Wake-Up Call

Wake me when the waters rise.

Shake the slumber from my eyes,

with a coastal cracking tremor run

through me like confirmation

of everything I’ve ever known;

all my past,

all my unknown.

Wake me when the whole Earth groans

and I will watch it

all go down

with you.


Wish I could apologise

for living such a hollow life,

but meaning’s for the faint of heart

and I always loved the dangerous part.

Like love and guns

and little black dresses

on girls who make messes

of lives like mine

and whiskey and wine

and things I could never find

the words to define.


I just turned a page

and went back a chapter,

I know what happens after;

I just don’t want to go.

It’s never been easy,

carrying on in disaster;





Wake me when it’s over,

now I’ve burned my head out

on a past and future of myself.

Walked a winding road,

lied and all this pride;

die and it all unfolds.


I want to watch this flower turn

its face towards the Sun

and open up

and show its heart

to everyone.



these old, black days

never really go away.

Fingers crawling to the grave;

wake me when it fades.

I’ve never been

a little bit afraid.


HG – 2017

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