Fuck Memory Lane

Fuck Memory Lane,

that once shining path;

seeded now with derelict,

abandoned touchstones.



and Never-Was’s.


Like cutting a vein

and just getting dust.

Harrowing the objector.


I’m not sure my life ever made sense.

I was birthed and borne as a man,

but lived on poison like a reject.

Fed fear into my veins like an apostle

an never really worshipped the dark;

I just lived there.


Makes the mind a wasteland,

heading back.

It’s like shaving raw skin,

cutting off all the protective layers

and digging into that soft,

sensitive tissue.



you know what’s there,

hidden under the self inflicted scars,

begging for that sweet kiss

of fresh air;

like a cancer.


Fucking irreplaceable now.

You can’t find another one at this age.

The best you could hope for

is to settle into a good job

and save for retirement,

maybe start a little side business

and make a few smart investments.

That could really help,

 down the road.



The voice is right,

but part of me would rather

suck start a shotgun

that pay-to -play

in this self serving circle-jerk

called reality.


My bitter tongue

has tasted the sun

and my lungs

have breathed deep

of mystic incenses

and alien atmospheres.

My mind has knows pain

and agony

of long antiquity

and now,

my greatest hope for the future;

is to tie myself down

and wait for the vultures?


Fuck that.


That old, ramshackle road,



and detours.

I never really needed to revisit my past,

but it’s a far cry from the future.

The wheel turns

and we all go with it.

Eventually the trail behind us

becomes longer than the one before,

so I guess it might make sense,

if we look back a little more often,

but fuck Memory Lane;

I’m not going down again.


HG – 2017

2 thoughts on “Fuck Memory Lane

  1. This was a great read. Our past definitely shapes our future and realizing what works for US is what life is all about.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. We can never be too sure to what extent our past dictates our future. Some things come full circle, other die out in time and still others burst into new beginnings that shoot off wildly into the unknown. The lucky ones get to see all of it.

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