Children in Twilight

It looks like

the dawn won’t come;

one more race

that won’t be run.

That one last trip

around the Sun,

is done.


Now we’ll have to

deal with dark.

The plans we made,

remade to start

in now unseen,

mysterious ways.

We have no morning;

only days.


If we exist

without the clock,

the universe

just simply stops.

The Sun won’t come

and day won’t dawn,

yet somehow,

we’ll still carry on.


In timelessness,

the eyes expect

to see what we

cannot reject.

What new born sky,

what starlit hours,

might we see

after we’ve devoured,

our fear,

like children

in twilight,

so innocent

and out of time.

Restrictions lifted,

yours and mine.

The end was just

the starting line.


The cries of fear

passed us on by,

the new day which

denied the sky.

Today’s today,

no other time

truly exists;

it’s all a lie.

The Sun won’t come,

the day’s undone.

Don’t worry, Mom.

Don’t worry, Son.

We’ll seize the new

eternal day

and never let

time take away,

our love,

our stars,

our great escape

is in today,

no other place.


HG – 2017

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