Words Said Too Late

I guess we’ll have to wait;

though you were always punctual,

never fretting over

every little thing.

You were like a perfect picture

that the universe devoured,

like a star

only loses

its shine.


A couple days ago,

you were an architect,

an artist

and an explorer.

The world held only so much for you.

The good things always go

before we want them to.


I never wondered anything about you.

Your mystery was written

in your eyes

and we would all complain

about how the world perplexed us

and you would just smile.


I never shared my moments

like I wanted to.

I keep telling myself,

that I’ll do better, too.

It’s easy to say,

but I’m falling apart inside,

so I guess we’ll have to wait.


The Sun is almost up

on the horizon.

The sky is clear,

but rain is coming soon.

So much to do

and no time worth the wasting;

we’ve had our interlude.


I’ll see  you,

one day;

of this I am certain.

Maybe we’ll spend

an eternity or two,

just sitting and talking

about the way the universe works;

until then,

I’ll get through.


HG – 2017

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