The Great-Blue-Forever

We move fast,

keeping our speed up.

We need to break the hold

of this angry summer.

Foot down,

pushing that pedal to the floor,

eating up the blacktop

in a vain race;

as if we could change our attitude.


We said “Fuck it!”

and blew past every gas station;

knowing this was a one way trip.

Taking a chance,

gambling on a hunch;

we were gonna make it

anywhere but that little home town.

Fuckin’ Hicksville.

Population: Down by 2.


We met Freedom under a blue sky;

staring down the barrel of September.

Your feet up on the dash,

hand out the window,

just swimmin’

and movin’

in the slipstream.



a promise ain’t a promise.


it’s more than words could say.

It’s a bag of clothes,

a case of beer,

a couple packs of cigarettes

and a tank full of gas.

Maybe it’s just desperation?

Maybe we didn’t think this through?

But, I can tell by the look on your face,

by your laugh,

and your smile

and the way I know your eyes are shining

behind those cheap drug store sunglasses;

that this is a promise kept.


How long is “too long”?

How much is “too much”?

I’m aiming to never find out.

Something you like comes on the radio

and you crank it up

and start singin’ along

and I try to push the pedal down

just a little further;

get a few more miles behind us

before anyone even knows we’re gone.


It’s like a prison break.

A last hurrah.

The Exodus from Egypt.

Shooting across the face of the world

in my old pick up truck.

Damned if we did,

sure as hell damned if we didn’t.

So we did.

Blasted off across the countryside

like two astronauts

breaking gravity;

launching into the great-blue-forever.


You laugh;

it’s a perfect sound

and I smile

as your head rests on my shoulder.

The road stretches out in front of us

like a long, beckoning ribbon;

guiding us into the future,

into each other,

away from everything we have been.

Just love

and the road

and the new unknown.


HG -2016

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