Ocean Side

A sign

of an imminent change.

A lie

as it escapes your lips.

I was afraid,

that these windows

let too much light in,

but now,

here you stand,

bathed in white radiance;

never more beautiful,

never more receding.



is a sign of comfort;


to the way the world is.

We stand

in this sheer illumination,

free from the sin

of an honest effort.



would only add salt water

to the oceans,

and screams

would be drowned out

by the waves;

crashing into me,

washing me away

a grain at a time.


We were immaculate.

We were Ocean Side.

We were revered by friends;

a peaceful kind of existence,

but we knew one day,

the salt breeze would put the lie to us

and one of us would break,

and the other one would be washed away.


Heaven sends

the light of its angels,

and I can see them

dancing in your eyes

and when you leave,

I won’t spend a moment

in hesitation;

the sea will take me home.

The waves will break

on the shoreline of my being

and grain by grain

I will make it.


HG – 2017


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