Prince of Paupers

Some comfort,

done with the tragic colors.

Some safety,

wish I could offer you

my heart to keep you,

my bravery to save,

I’m not using them anyway.


Long ago,

I retired to a cold place.

Such perfect


The smile upon your face

is worth another round of days.

A wish that I could trade

my life for yours.


I wish there was something else

that I had not before

given away


and still I feel

immeasurably guilty.


Never claimed

to be free,

just hid my chains

and denied my poverty.

Distance is an effective buffer.


I shut my emotions in,

even when you walked on water.

I was somewhere cool, my friend.

Never meant to sway, or suffer.

Never meant to let you in.

I am just a Prince of Paupers,

circling the drain again.



such a little thing.


the love that you deserve.

Such comfort

is a rich reward.

I never understood,

that you alone were worthy.

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