A trap was set

with the very best

of intent

to catch us now.

How could we forget?

They never saw us

coming from the west.

We took

the long way around;

no one expected this…


…give me a second…

…I lost my train of thought,

but not my mind;

at least,

not entirely.


I must have been thinking of you,

or money,

or fucking,

or something,

but the moment is gone.

Abandon all hope;

my precious muse,

my blazing dawn.


Didn’t I tell you

you were going to be,

something so special;

one day you’ll see.

That I’m not a liar,

all the time.

I don’t always lose

money and time

and my mind.



we’re back on speaking terms,

we’re working it out,

even though it hurts.

I think with my brain

and I feel with my nerves,

but I remember with my heart;

that’s why

you can be sure,

I’ll get what I deserve.



wasn’t I writing


about trying to run away with you

into the sky?

Just you and I;

an angel and a crazy fool.

Daughter of time,

maybe my muse.

I hear her speak;

“This is just a trap they set for you.”


HG – 2017

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