Kill the King


we all gathered around

to hear the news today,

to see if the song still remained

as it had

for ten thousand yesterdays,

but there were murmurs

in the backcourt,

dissention on the line

and I knew that these men

were no longer my brothers;


I couldn’t recognise.


Greed and envy take the eyes

and hatred sits upon the brow

and vitriol darkens the gaze,

venomous words do twist the mouth.

For though we had gathered here

to hear the word,

to seek a peace;

many had come to kill the king.

A little power can take the mind.

A little magic draws them in.

Sex and money fuel the choice

and ego binds them like a chain.


They had forgotten

that they swore the oaths,

one time,

long ago.

The prince of lies demands his payment;

he only takes his wage in souls.

So, they had come to kill the king;

these heathen bastards,

once my friends,

but war and victory have claimed them

and some who live are truly dead.


A dagger draws,

a bowstring flexes

and all the air escapes the room,

for I will always remain faithful;

the bride will always have her groom.

A flash of steel,

a screaming chorus

that doesn’t stretch out very long,

for traitors always find their end


as justice must be done.


Lust and vanity are endless,

sex and lies alluring still

and more will come to kill the king;

those who used to sing

his name with love

and eyes turned heavenward.

We faithful will remain

where we have always been;

wary of the wolves

outside the door.


HG – 2017

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    1. The text was white at one time. Not sure why it is black now. There are some changes coming soon. Thank you for reading it, though.

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