There is a little space,

in behind your eyes

where I reside

and take it all in.

Such a little thing,

but never satisfied,

pushing you to see more,

need more,

be more.




I am deity.

I am your aspiring line.

You are just a vessel,

serve my purpose;

by this time,

your mind has already wandered

off on to





Did you ever wonder why

you have this appetite?


For blood?

For war?

For more?

The spoils don’t go to the weak

and you know what for;

you’ve bitten down with your teeth,

hung on by your nails

given it all to win,

to fuck,

to survive everything.


You’ll never have enough.

I am your lust,

I am your need,

I am your life.

You’re just a hollow automaton

without me.


Let’s play another game.

I’ll let you linger on a name.

A thought,

just for a moment

and it’s there,

you’ll never forget it.


Picture their face

and I’ll

give it meaning.

Make it smile,

now this means so much to you.

I will show you what I do.


Maybe they are dead and gone,

maybe they’re your only son,

maybe they’re the one you love,

maybe they’re just who you want.


Now reach out and touch their face,

hear their voice inside your head.

Let all of this banish the space;

everything is gone,

just you and them.


Exist like you know you want

to hold on and never let go.

I am your immortal thoughts.

I am magic.

I am you.


I am here and you are, too.

Just behind your eyes we move.

We are so alive,

I wish you knew

how much power we could have

only if you’d choose

to admit that you are me

and I am you.


HG -2017

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