Sweeping Ashes

It doesn’t always have to be

the way we picture it,

what we expect.

It just changes our minds

and the world keeps right on spinning.


There are gardens

of things that defy imagination,

kept in comfort from you

and your wild mind.

For even in conceiving of them,

you would change then,

you would ravage them

with your eager and unprincipled love.


It was never meant to punish,

or curtail you.

You see;

what you don’t know

won’t hurt you,

but what you could know

could destroy us

and leave us sweeping ashes

where our dreams once bloomed.


Never think that we meant

to keep these gardens from you.

It was for us

to teach you to tend them.

To till the soil

and prune the vegetation,

feed and water the life

that dwelled within.


It is us

who failed you,

so we saved you,

by keeping you sequestered

from your fate.

For these gardens

are all that now sustain you.

Without them

you would fade away.


I will teach you

how to live

beyond the garden gate

and which are annuals,

and which perennials,

and which bear fruit.

I will show you how

to get down on your knees

and pull the choking runners

out by their roots.


With time,

you might grow gentle.

With time,

you might steady your hand

and gain a spectrum of vision

that must be had

to tend these gardens.

Until then,

your eyes may never see them,

for the heat of your emotions

is unchecked

and as you stand,

you would only be sweeping ashes.


You can change the world

by how you view it

and what is true

is not always

what you expect.


HG – 2017

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