One Final Step


that I could set aside my indiscretions?

I don’t know.

I’m not sure I like the question.


“Why do you ask?”

I’m asking in my head,

but I’m afraid I know the reason.


Up to,

and until,

and into

this present moment;

I have been vague,

like words of betrayal.


You may have taken me

for a liar and a thief,

I wouldn’t call you wrong.

This time though,

it is I who know

that a traitor’s words

cut to the heart

and I don’t blame you

for a second.


Trepidation gives the moment

its sweet rush.

When we hope

beyond all reason

that we might survive the fall.


That next step

into the new unknown

and we are cradled,

like loving arms

to the next stage.


You didn’t bring me down.

You didn’t count me out.

You took a chance on a fool;

I hope that I

will make you proud.


I left all my doubts

and shameful ways

in the last place

you saw me low.

Turns out we all have places to go.



sweet sorrow.


my doubt and pain.

I’ve gone away for resurrection;

I’m being born again.


In another place,

another province,

just a universe away;

I peeked beyond the curtain

and abandoned yesterday.


As certain as a world tomorrow,

as love remembers all affairs;

I am off to see forever.

I hope that I will see you there.

Doubt is all we had as strangers.

Faith displaced the wrinkles there.

You’ll see me the morning after,

climbing up those spiral stairs;

into the air.


HG – 2017

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