Climbing West into the Dragon’s Sky

Sleepless nights.

Day with no night.

Abandoning the view

for a higher sight.

Might just be running,

but I can’t tell

if it’s to,

or from something.


Felt the grip slip

and gripped harder.

Felt the ground shake;

built my foundation wider.

Delighted too much

in denying myself nothing;

experience can be a killing stroke.


Deviate from the deviant,

lest I form in myself

a serpent.

Head first into the Rising Sun

to burn away that liar,

with the fire only claimed

from the dragon’s nostrils.


There was failure in my head,

poison in my veins.

A slave in chains;


but the scars remained.

Time only left to train.

One step,

two steps,

three steps;

away from the memories.

Away from the pain.


Meeting the westbound sun,

chasing a southbound train.

The fire that burns pure,

what will remain?

I’ll get to meet my dragon,

One day.


HG – 2017

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