Momma’s Ghost

Momma said,

“Don’t stray from the yard.”

But I did,

didn’t have to go far

as a kid,

because the world’s so large

that you never really know where you are.


I grew up,

into a fine young man.

Met a girl,

had the whole thing planned.

My whole world,

on a ring on her hand;

now we’re faced with a future

that we can’t understand.


Momma said,

“Don’t stray too far.”

Momma said,

“Don’t forget who you are.”

Momma said,

“The world’s just a rock

and the Sun’s just a star

and you can’t escape either one

for very long,

so you better love living while you are.”


Momma told me,

“Go out and live like I showed you.”

So I’ve been gone,

walked the whole world over.

Even walked in the stars

by the hands of God,

but it’s like Momma said;

“This life’s not very long.”

and when I finally got home

she was gone.


So now I tell my children,

“Don’t wander too far.”

I know one day,

they’ll walk in the stars,

but while they’re still small

I’m gonna hold ’em all close;

just me and my family

and my Momma’s ghost.

In the night,

I can hear a voice in the dark,


“Boy, don’t stray from the yard.”


HG – 2017

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