These days

are new days,

revealed by the light

of an Eastern stranger.


The frigid blankets

pulled back

to reveal the scars

of a murderous season.


Never has such desolation

been more welcome.



the grounds around

will be swept clean

and a season of rot

will feed a field of Marigold

and warmth ,

long absent

will coax you from your tired reverie.


Like the flowers,

your eyes must seek the sun.

Your hair,

shimmering in its light,

will bring fullness to your face

and the healthy glow of your skin

will cover up those scars

and marks of a turbulent winter.


I will watch the world come alive

and with it, you;

amazing creature.

Left neglected through the dark and cold,

but now,


like marigold.


I have never wanted more

than to watch you turn with this season.

From our bitter winter,

to fecundity in Springtime.


HG – 2017

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