Birthday Wishes


like your imagination,

or is it the end,

just outside your eyes?

Does it matter,

this planned division?

Is it the truth?

Aren’t we immaculate?


Tidal waves

are consequences,

sure as a flash bulb

steals your soul

and irreverence;

that sarcastic discord,

bought only seconds

that seemed like forever.


Even the returning gods

found reasons to criticize

the world around you.

Tied up in a forest fire,

bewildered by the way

the flames surround you.


It’s okay to be a little out of touch,

but you’re floating away from us;

losing material,

like a comet.


I can only help you with the simple things

and then only if you let me.

I am not an avatar,

or an angry ghost;

I’m just someone who shares your time.


The bigger of our intellects

tell us that the door is going to open

and whatever come through

will be our destiny.


God is like a birthday wish

to the cynical

and another carnival ride

to the Hat-Check girl,

but I know you saw past

the pictures on the screen,

because real people don’t believe

in birthday wishes,

but they still close their eyes

when the blow out the candles.


HG – 2017

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