Hello unfamiliar;

I don’t know you at all

and yet I know you all too well.

You’ve got that same look on your face;

just like mine.

Somewhere between defeat

and supine

and that same posture

caused by the curve of your spine.

You’re bearing the weight

like I’m bearing mine.


How long

do you think you can hold out?

You’ve held up this long,


Stand next to me.

You could be my mirror,


you’re just like me.


I bet you think

you’re just going to get out

from your heavy burden

any day,

but you keep on taking more and more

and you’ll be breaking anyway.

Never thinking of yourself,

but maybe martyrs

are just selfish

after all.

We all want to be remembered,

but the martyrs

want to be the ones who gave it all.


There’s nothing selfless

in self denial.

Self evisceration,

self obliteration;

takes its toll and makes us

just another racist,

just another hatred.

Holding up a burden

makes you a post,

not a hero.


So, put it in its place,

it’s time for us to face

the fact we’re just wasting

our energy.

We should be

facing our enemy.

Anyone with eyes can see,

yours looks like you,

mine looks like me.

So put down your load,

it’s time to see

which is the better part of me.


HG – 2017

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