Imaginary Friends

I think I only imagined you.

You were never really there,

just an optical illusion.

A way to keep me in my skin,

a thought beyond compare,

an irreparable world view.


Unique is the nicest word

they had to describe me.

In my own little way,

I offered a real life to you.

What more could you want?


I guess I forgot

that imaginary friends

can have anything

and I’m here

stuck between

amniotic dreams

and the white light

beckoning me home.


How high am I allowed to reach?

I created you,

yet somehow,

you have put the lie to me.


Maybe it’s the other way around

and you imagined me?

Wouldn’t that just be

such a disappointment?

A real tragedy;

that you would dream of a being

like me.


There’s got to be a few advantages

to not existing at all.

Only human in your form,

because that’s the shape of my mind.


Anything is real.

Anything is possible.

The actual is the dream

that the only real obstacle now,

it that you live in my head,

or I live in yours.

Imaginary friends.


You are my secrets,

you are my coping mind,

my escape,

eyes open wide,

to see you

and dream in kind.

I never thought you’d die.


So I am yours

and you are mine.

I’m sorry I couldn’t find

it in me

to make you more.

Unlimited time,

or at least until I’m gone

and we’re both gone;

unless you’ve stopped dreaming me

and moved beyond.


Here is my promise,

my pact with the infinite,

my bargain with the world unseen;

I won’t stop dreaming you,

if you don’t stop dreaming me.


HG – 2017

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