Under a Moving Sky

This isn’t what I thought it was.

It’s turning out to be

something else entirely.

I thought I had a grasp of it,

just a minute ago,

but now I just don’t know.

This brief little stroll

in my safe zone

has become a battle

for my soul.


I thought I asked

if my directions were right;

I guess I asked

about the meaning of life.

It all changed so suddenly.

I have always thought I was prepared,

I guess I was always unaware.

Things are always moving,

somewhere deeper

somewhere higher,

somewhere clearer.


Even the things that don’t make sense,

are windows in the wall.

Even when our closest friends

don’t understand at all.

Every fall

has gravity to it.

Even the intelligent are stupid,

under this moving sky.


I suppose that I’m okay

with everything being something else.

For now, it doesn’t matter much.

I’ve given up trying to understand,

pretend I never really gave a fuck.

While you and someone else may choose

to hang onto this lie we’re told;

we’re only going to die

and if we’re lucky we’ll be old.

So, I’m done faking it,

to try to fit the mold.


I’m too broken to be patched back

together with thumb tacks,

to stay on the same track,

I’m taking my gaze back.

If it’s all been a big lie,

then I bid you good-night.

Bite your tongue and sleep tight;

I’ll see you on the other side.


This world is not what it seemed

when I started.

You words did not match your lips

when they parted.

I have no choice,

but to depart from this lie;

under a moving sky.






HG – 2017

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