Two Hearts Light

It must have been the night

and our two hears beating within it,

that quickened into some fire,

some light, some kind of life,

that seemed to keep us

through the pitch and roll of friction

against so many obstacles unseen

in the dark.


It was the transom in our refuge,

our only buttress;

that afforded us the safety in the storm

and sure passage through

the wild and unknown night,

that shrieked of violence and disorder

and on all sides of us,

the clamor and the wailing.


Then I took my leave,

but for a moment

and if I knew terror and abandonment

in the specter of that night;

alone and unmoored

from that light that bound me home,

then I know that you

felt that same creeping fear,

that knowledge,

deep in the bones,

that something was fundamentally wrong.


Thank God that was only but a moment;

for in that mournful separation,

I felt the fingers

of doubt and fear

reach out for me from the inky blackness.

And even on our reunion,

that light flickered;

dulled slightly,

but still guiding us

on through that endless, black night.


I have never known

an amulet more precious,

a stone, nor metal

with more value,

than that which forges the bond

we have together.


I have never seen a sunrise,

even one as welcome as one

delivering us from the dark unknown,

that can match the radiance

of two hearts entwined.


There is no value in the world

worth risking its loss

and I will never risk

that light again.

For soon,

night comes.


HG – 2017


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