Just Date Night

You look beautiful

in that dress;

dark, but not black,

thin, spaghetti straps,

hidden in the way your hair

falls about your shoulders.


You look like a picture.

In the light,

right there,

you would fit in

in New York,

or Paris,

but we’re just going out

to our favorite place.

A get-away from this human pace.


The world won’t matter tonight.

I won’t talk about work

and I’ll leave my phone in the car

and I’ll listen to you

tell me about your dreams,

your fears,

or whatever.


I’ll look at your face;

set with the most beautiful

brown eyes

and watch your lips form words

and wonder

at how fortunate I was

to have met you when I did.


To think;

there was a chance

I might have missed you.


In these moments,

rare as diamonds,

flawless and brilliant;

I am as Blessed as any man,

any man in history.


You make me smile.

You make me laugh

and when the night is done,

we return home,

and fall into each other.


A vision of beauty in my arms;

her breath upon my neck

and the whole time

I have been thinking;

“I love you.”


HG – 2017

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