Other Humans

Just a simple

regular person,

day to day business

nine to five friendships.

Plans for the weekend,

car payments, mortgage,

kids and a lover,

partner, friend

and significant other, too.


So why are you so sad?

Why do you try to see

what’s there just beyond

those nasty little indecisions

that make you question

what you’ve done,

what you’ve become?


Just a shadow of yourself,

whatever you think

that you were meant to be.

Saddled with family,

tied down by commitments.

You didn’t really think it through,

did you?

‘Cause now you’re awake

in the cold, dark hours

lusting after other humans.

Isn’t this a problem?


Now you second guess

your heart

and your ability

to stand up for yourself.


You missed out on the cocaine

nights where you would blow


Did you think?


Let it go.

All your single friends

are dying on the dope.

Wouldn’t it just feel so good

to fit in with the crowd again?


Consciousness is insane,

lying awake,

wanting to fuck some other humans.

Dry your eyes,

it’s not a mistake;

after all,

you’re only human.


Give your head a shake,

bring it down again,

nevermind the pain;

it’s not supposed to go away,

it’s there to keep you sane.

A reminder that the grass

on the other side

is full of snakes.


Don’t be scared

if your mind

wanders away.

If it doesn’t come back

then it wasn’t’ meant to be.


Don’t be so stupid,

don’t be so naive,

we all want to know

other humans.


It’s safe to be you.

It’s okay to be true.

It’s okay to lie.

It’s okay to die.

It’s okay to wander.

It’s okay to wonder.

Oh, just don’t linger,

Death is a stranger.


HG – 2017

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