For My Entertainment

Every little piece of this

amazing contradiction

makes me smile

on the inside.

I have see behind

all of those little inhibitions,

slight micro expressions,

little, tiny lies

that compromise

your comprehension.


I’m telling you the sky is blue

and you believe it’s true

because you want to.


It’s so easy to cover up,

those little insecurities these days.

A little retail therapy,

a couple pills

and it just goes away.


We have the universe at our fingertips,

so why should we have to admit

we’re still scared of the dark,

when the daylight goes away?


You’re trusting

and that’s why I’m smiling, too.

Just so easy to confuse.

Never will admit

you’ve been manipulated;

that would be abuse.


Easier to claim you held that place,

that you believe that point of view,

right up until the one

that you choose

is killing you.


Cut and still deny

you’re bleeding on the inside,

so proudly being blind.

Let me help…

…oh, never mind.

You look great!

You’re going to be fine.


At present your course

couldn’t get much worse.

I might as well

sit back and watch the show.

Anytime now,

if you want,

you can let go…


DR – 2017

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