Flight to Forward

Get out of here.


out of your own

pathetic humdrum.



Don’t ever look back.

Everything you’re leaving here

is meant to stay.


Get out on the blue/green ocean.

Lit off in to the big, blue sky.

I’m standing here,

arms wide open,

waiting for you to realize

that you’re alive.


Cut away those pretty ribbons,

the ones they used to tie you down.

Pick a star on the horizon

and die chasing it down.


Whatever has been,

has been

and is gone.

Whatever will be.

What will you be?


I’ve been chewing through

these straps that bind me

every day,

wondering what I will see.

And yes, I am afraid…

.. no, wait;

I’m fucking terrified.


Nothing is promised,

only the unknown.

On the path ahead of me

life is a dream

and we could wake up

at any time.


I’m setting you free.

Come and find me,

I’ll be the one

with the light in his eyes

when the whole world dies.


Don’t suffer anymore.

You’re free.

Come to me.

Come to me.

Come to me.


HG – 2017

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