The Covergence

There’s  plenty of this,

enough for a long time.

Recidivist grace

and the price that it cost us.

Simple as it all

was supposed to be,

disconnected implications,


here the ingrate,

funds you on your level

This time,

we don’t know,

we here;

we are stumbling

far from our towers

and sanctuary.

Let’s see what you  have within you.

Conceived at the bottom

Of this convergence,

I am alive.

Sick of the cowards and feigned trust.

Not sensing walls,

or restrained movements.

Slip this situation,

like another

silky supposition.

Raw unfolded pages

claim the eyes,

the mind.

What we decide

is possible.

Never a word when the world was one.

We missed the nightfall awaken,

suddenly it is all crystal clear.

We should be afraid of something.

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