Dug Deep Sorrow

I wish we could separate ourselves

from what happened.

I wish we could find a way to let go,

to find the required

angle of separation;

divide ourselves from this

dug deep sorrow.


One of us gets free,

the other grips tight in panic,

pulling both of us back down

a mess of limbs and motives.

Try to extract myself,

but every move will break you.

Can’t tell if this is love,

‘cause it sure feels like violence.


I want to lift you up,

high enough,

above the crush,

above this dug deep sorrow.

Even if it tears my skin,

even if it breaks my bones,

even if it steals my soul;

but you just fall back to me

and we lay at the bottom

broken and entwined,

never more lost or closer.


HG – 2017


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