To Kill a Memory

Don’t think of me,

of how I was,

or how I might be.

Don’t remember,

blue and violet shadow days,

escaping the sun

on soft, green grass,

dappled with spotlights

passing between the leaves.


Take the thought of me

and kill it.

Dig it real deep

and bury it.

Find the darkest part of your heart

and chain it there

and never let it go.


Don’t remember laughter.

Don’t remember smiling.

Don’t remember any moment

that I held you,


and thought that I might be

“the one”,

because I wasn’t.


I was something else

and you were someone else

and that promise that we made

to find each other

will hopefully stay broken.

So forget me;

I have moved on

long ago,

but I can’t forget,

or can’t remember,

or something.


Life has cruel jokes

that it plays on lovers.

That old classic,

where time erodes the memory

of an old love.


So don’t think of me.

don’t remember me

and don’t imagine my eyes,

my hands,

my lips;

just forget me

and move on.

I have gone so far

as to lose your name;

you should do the same

and keep those memories

locked and forgotten.

Don’t remember me

at all.


HG – 2017

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