On Killing

It would be easy to say

that crazy is the new sane,

but it’s always been this way;

you’re just seeing it

with new eyes

and the same old brain.

But it’s okay,

because the same old same was lame.

That brittle little culture

was always gonna fade.

Something new and savage

was always on its way

The writing is all over your face.


I admit it;

I derive,

so much pleasure

from the panic in your eyes.

Like an agoraphobic

dropped into the middle

of the big outside.


The chanting voices

of the throngs respond

to another celebrity’s call;

“Come lost and frightened,

don’t let them build the wall.”

You’re losing your grip,

so it’s easy to see that you will

segregate and dehumanize the other

it makes it easier to kill.


Hate is a hand that holds you in the dark

and says you’re not wrong to be

wishing death on those who don’t share

what you see,

so clearly.


I can see the rising tide

and I’m prepared to watch it crest,

life preserver by my side;

it’s gonna be a fucking mess.

‘Cause one and one want to divide,

believing that they each know best,

bitter and preoccupied

denying that they’re getting wet.

They’re gonna try to hold us down.

They’re gonna try to make us fight,

as the waters rise,

we realize

the big money rides

equally on both sides.


All that matters

is that there’s less of us.

No questioners.

No resistance.

Legalize whatever it takes

to pacify us,

hypnotize us;

with dreams that we know deep inside

only live in our heads at night.


I’ll give you a reason to kill

and you’ll give me your life.

You will burn, you will riot;

you will hate at my beckoning call.

You will do anything at all,

to take away this new strange,

this new sane,

this new day.

That look on your face…

…here come the waves…


HG – 2017


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