The Work and the Words

What is it?

What is it now?

What do you want from me,

this time around?


I gave to you freely.

You begged me for succor,

now you’re taking

what I never offered.


You were a brilliant apprentice.

I taught you everything

you needed to know;

before you turned

and everything changed

the minute you started to demand you own way.

I showed you how to make reality,

but you’d rather take mine away.


I suffered for longer than you can imagine,

just so you didn’t have to.

It looks like I made a mistake.


You’ve earned what you have coming to you.


Greedy little,

so ungrateful,

sheltered boy and girls.

Never had to struggle,

sweat or toil;

given the whole world.

So you’ve never had to discern

between the work

and the words.


Here comes one of life’s

great little set-backs,

or haven’t you heard?

The best thing about nature is

it’s always self-correcting.

The forest burns

to clear the land

for a stronger generation.


When the lemmings become plentiful,

one runs into the sea

and the others follow suit;

it’s a model of efficiency.


The lame are spotted by

the raptors in the air,

the lion and the pride

come to take their share.


Outside of these four walls,

you’re just meat

and only those with teeth

get to eat.


I never taught you

the taste of your own blood,

how to take a defeat

and turn it into victory.

A trick without a treat.


So no more free rides,

I’m afraid they’re only for kites.

Bye-bye easy life!

Get ready to fight

to stay alive.


Mother Nature course corrects

every few thousand years or so.

I think she’s getting ready to roll.

I’m gonna enjoy the show.


HG – 2017

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