The Falling Dream

Oh no,

here comes that feeling;

it’s like I’m falling

or remembering something

like long forgotten sadness,

or gravity.


My descent slows by pulses,

rushing of blood to my senses

panic setting in,

and then it’s gone,

and then it’s back again.


I’m riding the swells

of memory,

or emotions,

or someone’s just fucking with me.

I didn’t ask to be

held up so high

and left wide open

for ever breeze to knock me


and around

and down again.


My stomach is in my throat.

My balls are sucked up also,

trying to devour myself,

escape what I know will follow.

Inevitable pain,

the impact’s surely coming.

I’m thinking back again

and I am left wondering.

Where did it all begin?

How the fuck did I let it get this far?


I am a fraud and a liar.

Depreciated culture

victim of another hunger.

Gravity’s a sweeter gesture

than I deserve.

If I remember,

this parabolic ride

ends very soon.


Hold on,

it’s only getting stranger.

There is danger everywhere

when you’re this high up

and you forget to tie a line.

I’m falling inside

and out

of my mind.


HG – 2017

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