One We Didn’t Make

I didn’t take your innocence;

it was already gone

when I got there.

I’ve never taken

without leaving,

but I didn’t know

what you might bear.


From the gift of my tongue

that I gave you;

did the words from my lips

betray you?

They did feel every part of you.

What did my hands take from you?


Did my heart

leave a mark

on your vision?

Did I burden you

when I went missing?

I think that the night

was our accomplice

and we tried to steal

each other’s pain.


When we never really parted ways,

just a smile and a wave.

Sometimes I wonder how you are these days

and if you ever really found that place,

away from all that pain you used to bear.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take my share.

I had my own burdens just sitting there,

waiting for me.


I don’t reflect upon the “could have been”,

for I have seen

and I believe,

you’re better now than I could ever be.

I hope it’s you

who took something from me.


We both made a great many mistakes.

So many things we had

that tried to break

us down,

but now we’re both in different states.

This is one of the few we didn’t make.


So if you see me,

just smile and wave,

then turn and go the other way.

We’re both going to a different place

and for once in my life I’m okay.


HG – 2017

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