On Television

She told me once

that her sex was awful

and she didn’t like people

enough to bother changing her mind.


Cute, with a torn up pair of jeans,

scuffed knees,

drinking beer with the boys

and saying “Fuck” a lot.


Quick to make a fist,

but didn’t make amends.

Every man she met

was just a sun drenched vampire.


Always rich

and trying to change her,

until she’d lose interest

and their money wasn’t fun anymore.


A British guy called her “Cunt”

and she kicked him in the nuts

and broke his nose.

She always had a mean right.


Fiercely loyal

and beautiful

and self-owned;

I never once saw her beg.


Never heard her ask,

even when I knew she was alone

and missed her folks.

I’d call,

but she always told me

she was alright.


I worried a lot that last winter.

And then Spring came

and it was like a dark cloud

was taken from her.


When I saw her in June,

Her blond hair was long

and she was wearing really nice shoes;

like designer ones,

and a dress that must have cost a fortune.


We caught up for a few moments

and said we’d get together for coffee.

That was two years ago.

She left without a trace

and my heart broke a little,

Then about a week ago,

there she was

on television.


HG – 2017

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