Seasonally Affected

In another couple of weeks

I’ll be sick of Winter

and Winter will still hang around

for a while.


When Spring does come

it will be a welcome change,

’cause Lord knows I can feel

a change is coming.


I have built up

what I hope is enough,

so when the change comes,

we can ride out the transition.


Who knows

what the wind will bring

when it sings.

I’m praying we hold our position.


So many faces

that I don’t see anymore

and so many more

that I need to.


I’m asking if you

need a place to

weather the storm

and believe you.


The app on my phone

tells me the day

is coming soon.


The cold will pass

and out my window

tulips will bloom.


On the small screen

I stare for hours

at an old image of you.


Will we come through

this change



If you live for me,

I’ll die for you.


HG – 2017

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