Taking The Hill

They are dug in deep,

withstanding barrage after barrage

for days.

The savages.

We wrested them

from their strongholds

and chased them

from their palaces,

but they relent not one inch

without a fight.


They shed the blood of millions

with a wanton disregard.

They forced our hand,

by their crimes

they birthed the revolution.

For we sacrificed safety

and sanctity

and high moral virtue

to join them in their bloodletting.


He who stops bleeding first



We were all High-Hill Dwellers.

We had long views,

so easily weighted eyes,

to look down on the world.


These anointed ones,

they were just men and women,

but we imbued them

with power

and Blessed them

with the Sword and the Balances.

Faithfully they would mete out justice

in the name of the people.



Sure we were.

They were only human.

and the fault in this war

lies as much with our faith

as with their betrayal.


I whispered words of comfort

to my children,

as the state police went door to door,

seeking the new “Terrorists”,

people whose only crime

was saying “No”.


So quickly power alters the mind.

How perfectly its corruption

winnows out the decent.

Those whose bellies hunger

only for power and influence,

once marched in lockstep

with some righteous crusade.


The initiates remember their books,

the recognize the signs.

They remember seeing the pulpit turn

and the markets empty.

They have watched the populace get thin,

while the Judges get fat

and the High-Hills

become a breeding ground

for monsters.


High times for the predators,

when the fence is down

and the dogs have all been starved;

even they might take a chicken.

Even the Faithful lose heart

and are corrupted.

Just doing what they need to,

to survive.

The days

will certainly be frightening,

but for those

whose sport is hunting monsters;

we’ll hit them hard again.

They’re dug in on the hill,

but we can take them.

The savages will know justice;

God wills it.


The time comes soon,

we muster for the charge.

All hell breaks loose

and history is made.

We have played our parts

in the game of Blood and Power;

what a satisfying trade.

This is how the world is saved;

not on the hill,

but on the battlefield.


HG – 2017

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