You’ll need an Interpreter

I want to tell you a secret.


Listen to me for a second.

All it will cost you is time.

All you will need you have with you.


I would not divide you

from your life.

I would multiply

your ways before you.

If you take the time to step aside

from all that came before this moment.


Step inside,

my presence must entwine

with yours before I ask you

to incline

your ear to me

that I might whisper to

the secret that I have for you.


Now… here we are…

… are you ready?


These are the words that made the world.

Singularity was a thought

and chaos was the mind’s eye.

It was words that when spoken,

Were a hand to guide;

an infusion of order.


The first word

illuminated the darkness,

then set in motion

the entire universe.


Creation is a language;

a conversation with us

on the grandest and smallest scale.


We can hear the words

spoken at the first dawn

in every sunrise,

in every thing that lives on.


The Earth is a love poem.

A promise in the night,

that when morning comes

it will bring the light.



it cycles

like a song

sung to us

by voices we all hear,

but can’t respond,

for we’ve forgotten

that all our words speak to God.


Every vibration we make

changes the world we’re on.


Go ahead.

Try it.

Speak your truth

and tell me your words have no power.

To abuse,

to soothe,

or maybe I’m just crazy,

but I do


that the structure of all things

is the message

we are finally able to see

in the stars

and you

and me.


So perfect.

So actual.

Not accidental,

or residual.

The signs of presence.

The hints of purpose.

The words are right below the surface.


We are attuned

to hear words spoken

on the wind

out in the open.


Your world,

your body,

the Earth below you

is a conversation,

a way to show you.


Language is not words,

or gestures.


It is DNA,




of radiation

and attraction,

bent light

and interactions

with other worlds

and dimensions.


So many questions…

…so many questions…

…so many questions…


I can find the answers

in my hands.

They are my body,

this world

and its place

in this swirling galaxy.
Creation was never an act;

It was dialogue.


HG – 2017


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