Long Dead Stars

It was so long ago,

or so far away,

like stars

that are no longer there.


Even though we see them

burning brightly in the sky,

their light is a lie.


Yesterday was all we had,

a fire that kept the cold

away from all the things we hold.


Today we look around

and there is nothing left to burn.

Who knew it would freeze us to the bone

in irradiated glow?


Tomorrow just might hold the answer,

but we will never know.

We’ve replaced yesterday

a thousand fold.


We have memories

of falling,

but never hitting the ground;

we didn’t know that we were flying

without knowing how.


Calculate our equations,

rationalized it down

to a set of data

that never saved us anyhow.


We were numbers,

bought and sold;

we thought that dying stars

just went cold.

We forgot that sometimes they explode

and change the universe when they go.



in this frozen,

forever vacuum,

I will hold you,

tell you that we’re more;

than numbers that control you.

I will keep you warm

until the end

when you consume me

and release yourself.


Be free.

Be a light that can be seen,

shining in the dark

from so far away

long after you are gone.


Some of us go cold

and some of us explode.

Only Heaven knows.


HG – 2016

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