A Smile on A Good Day

We never really go

full circle.

We never really

come around.

The past is what it was,

we can’t be what we were;

all it ever does

is make us hurt.


You said you saw me on the street;

it had been a long time

since you’d said my name.

It must have been

one of my clear skin days,

if I was smiling and acting unafraid.


Not every day for me

turns out that way,

I’m glad that’s how you’ll remember me.

With the sun shining,

eyes alive and I

guess I’ve missed

the way you always looked at me.


Hung around a while

and hoped for change.

Got it wrong,

but I tried anyway.

You know they only make

it easier to stray,

but it caught up with me

after a six week stay.


On a sunny summer day,

I heard a whisper

and let it slip my veins.

I cried my eyes out on the floor,

I didn’t want it anymore,

but there were no more words to say.


So if you saw me on the street,

in full sunshine,

with a smile on my face,

it must have been one of my clear skin days;

there weren’t too many

when I was in that phase.

They grew fewer

as the band did play,

songs for every time my body failed me,

until I was just wasting away,

convalescing until the 5th of May.


Spring time always brought the best of me,

not sure if I survived,

not sure what’s left of me,

but they say every day’s a gift, you see,

the present and the future seem

like dreams I’ve lived vicariously

through child’s eyes again.


From here on out,

it’s all gonna be clear skin days.

I’ve washed the blood off of my hands.

Made a promise that when you see me again,

you won’t recognise my face.

I’m coming around,

but not to where I began,

just far enough to find my own way.

I’m coming around,

but not full circle again;

just far enough to find my myself a place.


HG – 2016

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